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Escorts and Brothels in Pietermaritzburg KwaZulu-Natal South Africa participate in human-trafficking.

Pietermaritzburg and the local sex trade have made the headlines a number of times over the past years. Some of the stories appeared in The Witness (they publish classified adverts for sex workers in their print edition under an Adults Only column)

  1. B&B brothel outrage
  2. PMB’s red-light spring-clean
  3. Fatal stabbing at escort agency

Prostitution in Pietermaritzburg is alive and well. Advertising on websites and the local newspaper (The Witness) facilitate the initial contact between a sex worker (escort) and her/his client.

Websites such as Escort Profiles, PYMT, Sex Trader, Redvelvet, Escort South Africa, Escorts R Us and numerous others publish escort photos, contact details, services offered and other detail to prospective clients.

Escorts (Sex workers) from all races ply their trade to the Pietermaritzburg community. Some work independently while others link up with established brothels where they pay for their rooms or pay a share of their fee to the brothel owner.

The going rate for an hour with a sex worker at a venue is around R300 to R400. So called high class escorts such as Erin from Durban charge R600 per hour.

Asian (Thai) sex workers are subject to “debt bondage”. They are forced to pay off thousands of rand to brothel owners before generating any profit for themselves and are often open to abuse. The Thai escorts have to hand their passports to the brothel owner until they have paid their “debt”. A recent newspaper article mentioned an amount of R60,000 (IOL)

Drive down any road in central Pietermaritzburg and you will see teenage sex workers plying their trade. These teenage sex workers can be seen at night along Burger and Prince Alfred Streets where the expose themselves.

Resident escorts work from a number of venues and more often than not from a Bed & Breakfast venue or a flat or house shared with other sex workers.

The Pietermaritzburg brothel address where escorts can be visited for a variety of services include:

216 Mayors Walk, 74 Adams Road, 277 Prince Alfred Street, 187 Woodhouse Road, 9 May Street.

Property owner’s operate as brothel keepers or close their eyes as to what the premises they own are used for.

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